"The deepest moments of intimacy occur when you're not talking."

- Patricia Love

Counseling with Tori:

Therapy doesn’t have to be so daunting. I created Peachi Therapy because I genuinely enjoy helping individuals live a full and happy life, but also in an effort to bring awareness to the stigmas around counseling, sex, and intimacy. The societal norm or view on counseling is that it is generally only thought about or recommended for when you are in crisis or have a serious mental health diagnosis. Additionally, or culture generally associates intimacy with sex and physical touch, but intimacy is so much more; Just like therapy is helpful for so much more than just navigating a crisis or a diagnosis. The Peachi Philosophy sees therapy as one of the best tools for treating our mental health and should absolutely be included when we talk about treating the WHOLE person. When we look at the entirety of an individual, we forget how important connection is to feel whole. The Peachi Therapy process involves taking a look at each client's perceived connective-ness and the role it plays in our relationships and every day life. With better understanding and breakdown of these interpersonal parts, then the journey to building deeper connection and intimacy can begin.                                           Join me for a session, let's get Peachi!