"We are all broken, that's how the light gets in."

- Ernest Hemingway

Counseling with Tori:

Therapy doesn’t have to be so daunting. I created Peachi Therapy because I genuinely enjoy helping individuals live a full and happy life, but also in an effort to bring awareness to the stigmas around counseling. The societal norm or view on counseling is that it is generally only thought about or recommended for when you are in crisis or have a serious mental health diagnosis. But the truth is, therapy is helpful for so much more than just navigating a crisis or a diagnosis. The Peachi Philosophy sees counseling as treatment for the psyche the same as going to the doctor for a cold or other ailment. Therapy is one of the best tools for treating our mental health and I believe it should be used within the healthcare system more, so we treat the WHOLE person. Mental health is HEALTH too! The Peachi Therapy process starts with building a foundation for each client and looking at all the aspects of their life to see how that individual can be happy, healthy, and fulfilled in every area. Because let's be honest, our mental health plays such a huge role in everything we do every single day. Join me for a session, let's get peachi!