- Cultivating Wholeness Through Connection & Intimacy -

Couples Sessions:

Whether you're looking for your relationship to grow, rebuild, or heal, couples counseling can help! 

Do you feel like you and your partner are communicating but not actually being heard?  Or do you wish you could spice things up because your relationship is feeling dull or routine? Do you feel you have different visions for your relationship? Are you and your partner feeling like roommates or have you lost the "spark"? Has aging, a diagnosis, a life event, or simply time created barriers for your intimacy? Do you love your partner, but feel disconnected from them? If any of these are feeling familiar or affecting your relationship, let me help facilitate an open dialogue on the tender and difficult topics and work towards a happier and healthier partnership.

Individuals & Caregivers:

Anyone struggling with intimacy, their relationship, a big life transition, or their caregiving duties, individual counseling can support these challenges!

Are you facing challenges with intimacy or connection? Do you feel like you are suffering in a constant state of caregiver burnout? Are you working through relationship challenges and unsure where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed from the responsibilities of your caregiving duties? Do you have a fantasy or desire you hope to bring about in your relationship? Do you feel a diagnosis or major life change is affecting your relationships? Do you feel like you and your partner are incompatible in the bedroom or maybe just not connecting the way you use to? Feel free to unpack your burdens and we will work through them one at a time.  

 Therapy is only available virtually to those in the state of Florida.